It's All in Your Mind: The Power of Neuroscience in Business and Life

Rebel Brown

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We've all been taught to keep our eye on the ball, right? And we all are praised for juggling lots of balls at the same But what if keeping our eye on all those balls is limiting our potential? A friend of mine was talking to me about her business. She's so busy she can't see straight as she's heads-down creating marketing messaging and content for a number of clients. She's working every day and she's exhausted. Her goal is to do the brain work for clients, to share her expertise and knowledge by training folks to do for themselves. But somehow the Gravity of "Focus on customer success" has grabbed her and sucked her down into the doing vs the teaching. She's doing tactical, execution work for folks who can't do it themselves, writing emails, designing campaigns.  All work that is necessary but a fairly big waste of her skills and expertise. She's taking on all that... (more)

Positioning That Works

People often ask me for a written version of my process. They assume I have a paint-by-numbers approach to creating the strategies, positioning and stories that are part and parcel of my consulting business. They couldn't be more wrong. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to strategy and positioning. Anyone who says there's a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't get it. Strategic positioning is more art than science. And each and every client is a new canvas. Great positioning is as unique as every situation. You have to be flexible, nimble. My "methodology" is more a way... (more)

Is Fear Really the Great Motivator?

I saw an article in BNET last week that just plain ticked me off. To Sell More, Scare your Customers Spitless also sparked a little Twitter debate when I ranted about it. I was a bit surprised by a few Tweets declaring FUD as an accepted sales tactic and fear as a great motivator. I sold mainframes against IBM in my formative 20's. I cut my teeth on FUD. I won deals against it, and I didn't use FUD to do it. But that's another post:) The BNET article went way beyond FUD in promoting Provocative Selling. The fundamental premises are similar to the way many of us have sold/marketed... (more)

Do You See Crisis or Opportunity?

So many seem to expect continued failure these days; stuck in fear, focused on the negative. The economy is our scapegoat, and Eeyore's "Woe is Me" echoes resoundingly. Yet some businesses and people are thriving - in the middle of the same 'crisis'. So what's different for them? What do these thriving people and businesses see and do that everyone else can't seem to see or do? A lot of it comes down to attitude and beliefs. Yes, touchy feely stuff. But I do believe that how we perceive our world impacts our experience. My own life is enough proof for me. If we look around, we'l... (more)

Twisten Carefully

Harvard Business Review ran an article last week entitled 'Let's Tweet About Something Important!' I was yet again surprised by the premise of the article - that the power of social networking is being hijacked by frivolous, not-important-at-all information.  We all know there's a lot of noise out there. That's one of the best things about social media - Twitter especially. People can share whatever they feel like sharing. Everything from what they had for breakfast to personal details I'd rather they kept to themselves.  But there is also great value found on Twitter. From peopl... (more)